• Get Continuous Value From Your VMware Investments 


    Embrace a transformative experience with VMware Success 360. We partner with you from the moment you onboard our solutions through their entire lifecycle. Our comprehensive approach provides a unified and simplified way of working with VMware that helps you realize continuous value and achieve outcomes faster from your technology investments.

    VMware Success 360 is a comprehensive success offering that can guide you through all stages of your journey:

    • Success Planning provides personalized guidance to help you achieve outcomes faster
    • Ongoing Adoption Guidance helps you with onboarding, adopting, consuming, and optimizing your VMware technology
    • Design Workshops lead you through a feature configuration or implement a new capability
    • Dedicated and Proactive Support with predictive issue prevention and fast, prescriptive problem resolution to help maximize productivity and uptime
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    The Components of VMware Success 360?


    Success Planning


    Map the optimal route for your technology journey with a customized Success Plan. We collaborate with you to determine the right mix of VMware solutions and initiatives to achieve your objectives. Your tailored Success Plan:

    • Documents desired outcomes with mutually agreed-upon metrics
    • Shows technical capabilities and activities
    • Contains milestones and identifies responsible owners
    • Recommends Ongoing Adoption Guidance, Design Workshops, or optional in-depth services
    • Is continuously updated based on your needs

    Ongoing?Adoption Guidance

    Get the help you need throughout your technology lifecycle with Ongoing Adoption Guidance. These self-service resources help you address a variety of challenges – from onboarding and adoption to consumption and optimization. They include:

    • Videos
    • Knowledge articles
    • Community forums
    • White Papers
    • ”How-to” or “use-case” webinars


    Download the Ongoing Adoption Guidance and Design Workshops eBook


    Design Workshops


    Leverage VMware expertise through live remote Design Workshops. These workshops with one of our expert engineers will lead you through, or implement for you, a new feature, capability or configuration in your system. By combining Ongoing Adoption Guidance and Design Workshops with Consulting, Education, and Technical Account Management Services, you will have a comprehensive approach to achieving your goals, from advice through operationalization and continuous value realization.

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    Dedicated and Proactive Support


    Keep systems running smoothly and minimize downtime. Dedicated and proactive support helps you speed issue resolution, coordinate root cause analysis, and prevent recurring incidents. AI-driven technology automatically and securely collects, aggregates, and analyzes your specific product usage data. VMware’s expert-level engineers, who are assigned to you and know your history, provide prescriptive problem resolution. Benefit from:

    • Proactive, predictive issue identification and problem prevention
    • Comprehensive cross-product 24x7 global access with unlimited requests
    • Support activity reviews and trend analyses
    • Weekend support for Severity 2 critical issues
    • A personalized, tailored digital experience that includes executive dashboards
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    Expertise is All Around You 

    Leverage the unified and comprehensive personalized experience provided by VMware Success 360 to help you:

    • Achieve business outcomes faster from your technology investments
    • Adapt as the business changes
    • Take the best next steps toward successfully achieving your goals
    • Get continuous value out of your VMware investments

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    Surround Yourself with Guidance 


    VMware Success 360 Ongoing Adoption Guidance and Design Workshops

    Learn how Ongoing Adoption Guidance and Design Workshops can help you throughout your technology lifecycle, from onboarding and adoption to consumption and optimization.


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