• What Telco Cloud Infrastructure Delivers 

    Hybrid IaaS & CaaS Infrastructure

    Modernize your cloud to run both VNFs and CNFs side-by-side with the consistent horizontal infrastructure and deploy them throughout 5G networks, from core to edge.

    Cloud-First Telco Network

    Achieve powerful network resiliency, seamless cross-cloud application continuity, and complete multi-tenant service isolation. Reduce costs through consolidated network functions and simplified management. Deploy security policies both within and between VNFs and CNFs using micro-segmentation.

    Automated Lifecycle Management

    Simplify infrastructure deployments throughout 5G networks, from core to edge, with Telco Cloud Automation. Automate bare metal provisioning of new sites as well as network expansion through pre-set templates and zero-touch-provisioning.

    Accelerated VNF/CNF Performance

    Architect the network for optimum application response, scale, and service availability using resource guarantees, isolation, monitoring, and closed loop remediation. Achieve low-latency data plane performance and scaling through enhanced networking with NSX.

    Intent-Based Service Assurance

    Implement continuous performance optimization based on business and operational intent. Improve capacity utilization through real-time predictive capacity analytics and automatic resource reclamation. Realize 360-degree network visibility with automatic topology discovery, converged overlay and underlay visibility, and real-time network insights.

    Telco Cloud Infrastructure

    Next Evolution of vCloud NFV Towards Cloud-Native


    The Network Cloud of the Future

    VMware helps power Vodafone's network cloud of the future.

    Vodafone’s Digital Network Transformation

    See how VMware improves efficiency and reduces costs with unified horizontal infrastructure.

    Paving the Way for 5G Success

    Shekar Ayyar outlines how telco’s can get 5G ready and prosper in the cloud economy.

    CSP Operations in an NFV World

    Learn how CSPs can successfully operationalize NFV in a multi-cloud, multi-vendor environment.

    Highlights of Telco Cloud Infrastructure

    Compute | Storage | Networking:


    Virtual compute gives you the best performance and availability.


    Virtual storage supports hybrid and all flash configurations.


    Virtual network provides cloud-first telco networking and security to both VNFs and CNFs.

    VIMs | SaaS:


    VMware Cloud Director

    A multitenancy solution provides the management, provisioning, and control of compute, storage, and network devices.

    VMware Integrated OpenStack

    Fully integrated OpenStack solutions accelerate and simplify deployment of infrastructure using VMware platform tools.

    Tanzu Kubernetes Grid+

    Telco-specific Kubernetes runtime streamlines cloud-native operations across 5G networks.



    vRealize Suite

    Combines the automation and operations capabilities of vRealize Cloud Management to provide consistent operations and governance for hybrid cloud environment.


    Telco Cloud

    Ready for Telco Cloud Partner Program

    VMware actively cooperates with multiple network function vendors including all key NEPs, having them certify in the VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program. This is a comprehensive certification program that ensures interoperability and operational readiness between third-party-developed network functions and the ETSI-compliant VMware Telco Cloud platform. The program helps ensure that CSPs can rapidly onboard and deploy multi-vendor network functions with the VMware Telco Cloud platform. VMware Telco Cloud Automation leverages this program to certify interoperability with network function vendors, offering a neutral and pre-tested end-to-end MANO solution.

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