• VMware Solutions by Industry



    Enable limitless learning. Support any device, everywhere learning, virtual labs, online classes, and digital equality while protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and reducing costs.

    Financial Services

    Drive top-line growth. Become a digital bank, mobilize engagement, and simplify front and back-office operations with common management across infrastructure, clouds, apps, and endpoints. Ensure security and compliance.


    Respond faster to the needs of constituents and missions while reducing IT capital and operating expenses.


    Improve the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care. Mobilize clinical care and patient engagement by delivering always-available access to electronic medical records. Streamline security and compliance.


    Maximize productivity. Safely embrace IoT, deliver 24/7 uptime, and secure the delivery of data and applications globally.


    Create exceptional experiences. Gain unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how to build and evolve retail IT environments, embrace BYOD/CYOD, endless aisle checkout, kisoks, and IoT to create better engage customers and employees.

    Telco Cloud

    Improve agility. Speed deployment, gain operational flexibility, and reduce costs with cloud-based network deployment. Modernize infrastructure and automate IT operations.